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Wanted: The name of this MAN!

Publié le 6 Novembre 2012 par Hazel Noisette in who, search, man, what, missing, name, pen, drawing, sketch, art dessine dessin croquis sketch pencil pen inspiration ideas idees flooding drawing

Wanted: The name of this MAN!

Many people when they see this drawing ask me: "Who IS he?! He looks familiar!"

Errrr...I don't know. I don't recall his name! Only this I am certain of: Yes,he does exist in real life. I did find his face in a magazine and I did find it very intriguing and gratifying to draw. This one I did in a big marker pen, no cheating pastel smudges this time, I'm chuffed!

Side note: If anyone can identify this man. I would be very grateful! :)

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